Reviews & Testimonials


03/23/2018 – Amanda Murray
Quick response and got someone right away!

03/20/2018 – Mark Robinson
I had a good experience.

01/10/2018 – Patrick Kelly
Really sent great workers who all seemed to have worked together many times, they were clean, fast, professional, and went out of their way to assist my wife and I in the move.

12/27/17 – BD Vahab
Quickly and smoothly.

11/14/2017 – Raymond S.
Adjusted price as the number of pieces to be moved changed.

10/23/2017 – Edward Lorenzo
These guys are very efficient and quick no complaints they just do the job.

10/16/2017 – Gail C.
Patrick and his crew were professional, pleasant and extremely hard working. They were experienced and very careful. Call them, and only them! (Also, the office is terrific and responds immediately. I cannot recommend this company enough!

10/11/2017 – Andrea S.
Great job.

09/30/2017 – Joan Steiner
Wonderfully!!! Extremely punctually at every stage of the move! Two really nice young men packed
my furniture, clothing, trinkets, etc. very carefully in “zip-quick” time. They assembled cartons which
Patrick’s supplied, resulting in 83 boxes plus protectively wrapped furniture. They moved all my possessions into my new apartment, following a drawing I had given them to show what went where. They were extremely courteous and professional. Nothing was damaged from among 83 boxes, antique furniture and large mirrors! I was nervous about certain items, including an expensive power wheelchair, but my worries were unfounded!

08/30/2017 – Julie Buyon
Fantastic. Exceeded my expectations at every level. Best move ever. Cannot recommend highly
enough. Prompt, courteous, diligent — both on site crew and office staff a complete pleasure to work
with. Cleaned up completely.

08/28/2017 – Diana Ortiz
These guys are awesome. They showed up on time. They are so professional and fun to work with.
They took great care to make sure all my things were packaged and protected. They have a great
system on how they work as a team. They completed the job in the exact amount of time I paid for services. NO SLACKERS HERE!!!! Great experience and highly recommend them.

07/20/2017 – Daniel Perez
These guys were fantastic. Professional, courteous, clean, organized, and very friendly.

07/17/2017 – Stephen Ambrecht
Very professional and efficient.

07/15/2017 – Perry Smith
It went very well they wrapped up everything that was fragile or need to be handled with care. They
were very professional I was pleased with their work.

07/08/2017 – Susan & Jonathan DeSanctis
Went well. Some furniture was damaged along with some marks on the wall. Furniture was not in
great shape. But they did wrap many items without extra charges. That was a plus. Moving blankets
were free as well

07/03/2017 – Jason Summers
Perfection. I was incredibly impressed.

05/15/2017 – Rise Gluck
The movers wrapped and handled everything carefully. They were courteous, friendly and
professional and got the job done quickly. The price (very reasonable) I was previously quoted was
honored. They were running a bit late due to traffic but called to let me know, which I appreciated. I would not hesitate to hire them again.

05/10/2017 – Stephanie Norris
It did.

04/19/2017 – Stephanie Wooley
The move went smoothly. The men were professional and friendly. They were fast and completed the work within the estimated time frame.

04/12/2017 – Jane Mangeri

03/28/2017 – Alexandre Gagnon
A team of 4 (Emmanuel, TJ, Chris and Rome) arrived on time – they worked fast, were professional
and careful with all items being moved. Very friendly team, had nothing but a great experience with
them. Also worth noting that the interactions with the head office leading up to the move were great as well, they were very responsive and helpful when we were comparing various quotes. Moving’s not that fun, so I don’t want to move again, but if I had to would hire them again without thinking about it twice.

03/02/2017 – Antonio B.
Move a Piano. Super cool and serious guys.

02/20/2017 – John L.
Move a Piano. Very prompt and courteous.

2/18/17 – Kate Wilfert
We had an amazing experience. The team was on time, flexible and extremely helpful. Highly recommended!

1/30/17 – Krystyl M.
Piano Moving. Quick Movers! “Very professional and fast!”

1/23/17 – Rosemarie McErlain
Patrick Jr and his colleague were professional, friendly, flexible, and speedy. I was so pleased.

01/05/2017 – Steve S.
Move a Piano. They were on time, careful and good to work with.

12/18/16 – Karen Mercera
The team was great! They finished the job exactly on time. They were prepared with blankets, plastic wrap and tape. They also were able to completely disassemble and reassemble an ikea platform bed, pottery barn platform bed, baby crib, and Ashley table. They packed the truck to the brim and was able to do the move in one shot. The team was courteous and professional. It had snowed the morning of the move. They even helped shovel the path to the truck! I would hire again. Thank you!!

12/14/16 – C Webb
Long Distance Move. “This is an exceptional moving company. They arrived on time and handled all my Furniture with Care. I highly recommend them and also for a great price.”

12/08/2016 – Jean Burg
The two men arrived exactly on time, took great care to wrap the hutch in order to protect it well.
They were extremely pleasant to deal with. I highly recommend them and would certainly hire them
again if I need anything moved.

11/28/16 – Julian Agolo
Perfect move, professional.

11/28/2016 – Kristianne Toscano
Process was smooth, when they were done and it came down to paying, they wanted me to pay the
toll $$ they spent on coming to my location. This was never discussed, so I expressed if i had known this
i wouldnt have hired them. They waived the fee and i paid the flat rate that was originally discussed.

11/27/2016 – A Homeowner
Move a Piano. Punctual and courteous.

11/10/2016 – Helene Goldberg
The service was excellent and the workers were very nice.

11/01/2016 – kavita kumar
It goes very well. Moving, Auto Transportation.

10/13/2016 – Martin Hain
Great guys! Very courteous and careful with our furniture and stuff. Wrapped everything to prevent

9/19/16 – Tina D
The movers showed up on time the guys worked hard and I had my items the next day – out of state move. They disassembled and reassembled all of my furniture and I HIGHLY recommend this moving company!!

08/30/2016 – john douglasv
Excellent movers!

08/27/2016 – T J Duffy
I joined Angie’s list to find a mover and I chose this company because of the great reviews. Normally
I would not post a bad review but I did not someone else to go through what we went through. The guys
were very nice but – an hour late to start, took twice as long as expected (so it cost nearly twice as much as expected), they did not follow instructions (They packed up a whole large section of the garage that was supposed to stay. As a result there was no more room in the truck. We had to make ELEVEN separate trips in my minivan over the next two days to bring items back up and our things to the Bronx.), they damaged my dining room table, forgot the screws for the beds so the beds could not set them up at the apartment, … There’s more but I think you get the picture. Thank you.

08/25/2016 – Blaine Walton
They were punctual, courteous, and professional. Despite the obstacle of the street leading to the
pick up being closed they were able to complete the job quickly and for a reasonable price. I plan to use
them again.

8/1/16 – Peter S Kalin
I have moved many times in my life and will say that Patrick’s was the best experience I can recall having with any moving company. The quote provided was spot on and I did not have to deal with being dinged with unaccounted for charges at every turn. I would highly recommend this company and plan on calling them again if and/or when I move again.

08/01/2016 – Samuel Kim
Overall, it was a good experience. I purchased the Angie’s List deal and have no regrets. They were
generally polite, courteous, and flexible. They worked hard, especially with having to move out of a unit
with 2 flights of stairs. The moving in was much easier as there was an elevator. There were a few things that could have been better. They were about an hour late (due to traffic). During the move, one person rested by sitting on an expensive office chair in the truck. They left a lot of little things that I had to go back for. They left some garbage from the plastic shrink wrap that I had to go back and clean. These were minor things for me, but it might annoy others. After paying $654 for the coupon, they added another hour ($150), an additional stop ($150), and toll. After tip, it ended up being about $1000 for a 6 hour move.
Category: Moving
Services Performed: Yes
Cost: $1000

07/09/2016 – Wanda Lopez

06/27/2016 – Tim DiIulio
Very friendly, professional, attentive. Made sure to handle our items with care. Also liked that they
sent a truck large enough from the get go.

06/06/2016 – Thomas Betzler
They were excellent. I would hire them again.

05/17/2016 – Terry Primack
Category: Moving

05/04/2016 – Keerthi varma Mantena
Category: Moving
Cost: $820

04/28/2016 – Bill Spielman
1) Satisfied. The upgrade to fixed price may have been an unneeded expense, since this firm works
quickly. 2) Some items were left behind. MR. Patrick personally came back to the prior dwelling (a day or
2 later) to pick up the remnants and unused boxes. 3) All items thought missing were eventually found to have been boxed.

04/27/2016 – KAREN FISCHER
This moving company did an excellent job. My items were properly cared for and nothing was lost
or broken. It was a total pleasure doing business with this company. The owner has integrity and class. I
highly recommend this company to others.

04/19/2016 – Ieshma Welsh
Category: Moving
Cost: $754

03/25/2016 – Barbara Heikens
Category: Moving
Cost: $900

03/21/2016 – Carol Vinzant
These guys were fantastic. No fuss. We had Patrick, Jr., and his crew. They worked really hard and
were careful and nice. Patrick knew how to take apart our crib. Not only that, he put it back together on
the other end, along with assorted other furniture. It would have taken us so much longer without them.

01/23/2016 – Myra Oltsik
The guys were friendly. They came about 15 minutes early. The estimate was for 5 hours with 3
people, with an extra hour price. It took just under 6 hours. They barely took a break.

01/22/2016 – Paul Hahn
Both moves went very smoothly. Patrick and his staff were courteous, professional, efficient, neat
and careful, and he was very flexible in terms of scheduling, all at a reasonable and fair price. I would
very highly recommend their services if you need a moving company.

10/21/2015 – N S.
We moved back in August 2015 and just settled into our home, this five star review is past due and well deserved! From in home estimate, pricing, booking (scheduler VERY polite, straight to the point) and to the workers, these guys are the real deal. We moved from Kensington in Brooklyn to Orangeburg, NY. The workers wrapped every single item we had, as professional as it gets. We have a toddler and she adored the workers who seemed very comfortable with a 2 year old in their way (our bad). We got lucky when we picked this company by chance, now we recommend them to our friends/family.

09/21/2015 – MARY CHISHOLM
They did an excellent job. It was quick and professional. I would use them again.

09/18/2015 – Jeanne Dwyer
He was bit late due to traffic but it was to be expected in this area …..He was very courteous,
apologized for being a bit late, and proceeded to do a very methodical job of wrapping our furniture and
accessories and moving them into the truck with care. When we arrived at the house his team carefully unloaded our things and took them to each room designated, He had his crew could not have been nicer or more professional and I would recommend them to anyone. He was also very pleasant to speak with and very happy to comply with suggestions we had.

09/09/2015 – Anurag Minocha
Very professional, prompt and got the job done as promised.

08/17/2015 – Carmen Melendez-Vasquez
See above. I enjoyed working with the crew of Patrick Moving and Storage. They were very
professional, careful and worked as fast as they could. I would recommend that you pay for an extra
person to help, or talk to Patrick before hand to get and estimate of the extra time that you might actually need to complete the move. I will definitively use them again.

07/21/2015 – Samantha Foddrell
They were late due to a flat tire, they called before the scheduled time to inform me of the delay.
When they arrived they apologized again and began working. They were fast, professional and

06/07/2015 – Bryan Graham
These movers were fantastic. They were very professional, fast and careful. They were a little late
but there was a problem on the bridge to us, not their fault. We had packed and staged as much as we
could since it was a deal with a specific number of hours. We wanted to make sure it was all ready to go when they arrived. They were so fast and we threw them a couple of additions while they were moving things out. We were in a family home and decided to take a very large mirror and china hutch. They had no problem with wrapping and moving the extra items. Everything arrived safely and they placed everything where we requested (even moved things that we realized belonged in another room). I would definitely recommend them to anyone moving.

5/31/2015 – Mike R.
Excellent service, professional and fast, and really nice people too. Extremely satisfied.

04/24/2015 – Sally Bonilla
I like their pricing. They were fair. They were quick. Most of my stuff came okay. Whatever came
broken was because I didn’t pack it properly, which I realized after. It wasn’t their fault. They brought my
stuff down on time. They came at a good time. They were good.

04/05/2015 – Elizabeth Fraga
The good — nice folks and let us tell them where to place the items in the house. The bad — late by
about one hour — the move was really, really slow — instead of using padding for alot of the furniture,
they used clear wrapping which caused some things to get scraped and dented. They were so slow, that in the end my husband and I started to move stuff out of the truck ourselves because we were so behind. I am not sure if they were short one person or not as there were three people. However, they were very pleasant, just not as professional as we expected. If you are worried about your furniture, then these are not the folks to go with. If you are not worried about your furniture, then they are reasonably priced.

03/28/2015 – MARVIN ROSA
The Good: The moving team was very friendly and professional. They took great care of my
possessions and followed the co-op building’s rules. The Bad: I went with Patrick because of the ‘A’
rating he got on Angie’s List and surprised at what I experienced. I was quoted a price of $550. I asked Patrick if he needed an inventory of items that needed to be moved and he said no. I called back about one week before the scheduled move to confirm everything only to find out I was never on their schedule. I was then informed by my new building management that I would need a certificate of insurance from the movers. I contacted Patrick and he said it would cost me $50. I’ve never heard of being charged for this request from other movers I’ve used in the past but accepted it since it was a small amount. Now we are at $600 which I thought was still relatively inexpensive to move out of one studio to another. I then provided a FINAL inventory list the day before the scheduled move consisting of 3 additional items (37″ flat screen, floor lamp and an 8×10 rug). I was then quoted a total of $650 (additional $50 for just those 3 items). I still thought it was reasonable. Moving Day: Patrick’s office confirmed they will be at my old place at 8am. The team was one hour late than the stated time. Patrick did call 20 minutes after the expected arrival time to inform me of his being late. I believe that one should prepare the night before knowing one has an early morning job the next day to give a good first impression to a new client. The moving team arrived and I met Patrick. It was himself and 3 other members. Everyone was nice. We met with my former super for specific moving details, etc. I felt the team moved very slowly and it took 2 hours to move me out completely from the old place. We met up separately at the new place and I gave them the specific moving details from the new super. Moving into the new place went much quicker than the old place. The moving team was great at letting me tell them where I wanted my items placed. I gave Patrick and his 3 team members each a $30 tip. Now, comes time for payment: Patrick fills out the paperwork and asked me why don’t I give him a check. I said to him that I asked your office if you accepted checks and the response was ‘no’. He said in my case it would be fine. I said I did not have my checkbook with me since I was told he didn’t accept checks. Now, because he listed he accepts credit cards on his listing on Angie’s List, he said he would have to charge me back the ‘processing fee’ for using the credit card. I thought that was completely wrong and bad business. I was charged an ‘extra’ $50 credit card processing fee so my total for the move was $700 +tips of $120. Again, everyone was nice and the only bad experience was the cost and the delay to start the job. Overall it was fine and my items were handled carefully. Would I use this company again, no and only because of the financial portion of this. Angie’s List should have these contractors spell everything out upfront so there are no surprises for the client. I am only informing any potential customers to be aware of this upfront so you don’t run into the surprises I experienced and hope you will do the same.

03/24/2015 – Thomas Clarke
Apologies for taking so long to write this review but anyone who is considering using Patrick/s, I
would endorse them 1000%!!! First, Patrick himself came to my place to inspect and quote a price. He is
professional and a nice man. He was quick and his estimate was spot on. I mean he charged the price he estimated ad NO HIDDEN COSTS! The team from Patrick’s Moving including Patrick’s son were awesome. They showed up exactly on time and packed my apartment into their truck quickly and without damaging anything. We then left and went to my girlfriend’s apartment packed her stuff into the truck and on to the new place. Despite the elevator in my new building be very small these guys flew through the process with efficiency and each of the team (all 4) were great. They helped unpack and set-up all the furn tire and were done with the entire job in under 5 hours. Impressive group and great service. HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

03/03/2015 – Douglas Tilden
A crew of four showed up on time (in fact 20 minutes early so they could orient themselves). Our
crew was lead by Marlon who was a very knowledgeable and experienced mover. Two other crew
members were fairly experienced and one was relatively new. Overall, the crew worked quickly and efficiently wrapping our furniture and loading it onto the truck. We made a second stop to load items from our storage unit. Most of these items were already packed. The crew did a good job at moving the items from the unit onto the truck quickly (not an easy task given our storage unit was on the second floor of the storage facility and required the use of one of the world’s slowest elevators). Both the apartment and the storage unit were on the truck in 3.5 hours (an excellent pace as the estimate was 4-5 hours). At the house, they unloaded, unwrapped, placed the furniture and re-assembled furniture that had been disassembled for the move. The move-in process required approximately 4 hours. No items were damaged in the move, and the crew was conscientious about being careful not to track in any dirt needlessly. Patrick was there for orientation in the morning and the closeout at the end of the day. He was also able to recommend a furniture repair person to fix a wood piece that had been damaged in a previous move.

01/06/2015 – sharona sankar
These guys are extremely careful and FAST!!! I can’t believe how thorough they were. Smart and
friendly. Patrick is amazing he made sure we were well taken care of each step of the way. He trains his
people so well!!! The bar is really high now for me. I won’t us any other mover than Patrick. I also recommended them to my friends.

01/06/2015 – NINA PAIM
They were very good and affordable. It was a local move. The customer service was excellent, and
have a very good assistant. The people talked a little bit too much, but everything went pretty fast. They
were honest, and fair. Everything was well packed, and they wrapped everything well. There was no damage, and everything was in good shape.

01/05/2015 – Karen Tom
The movers were professional, easy-going, and overall great. They were careful with our belongings
and also paid attention to laying things down carefully to prevent scratching the floors/walls. Their prices
are very reasonable. I would definitely use their services again.

01/05/2015 – Laura Rowen
Patrick is an absolute pleasure to work with. He exudes confidence and a “no worries” attitude that
is fully backed up by moving expertise and TLC for the customer’s belongings. This frame of mind is
incredibly reassuring during the chaos of a move. He retains details well and remembers what goes where. The price he quoted was the price we paid – no surprises – and it was in line with market pricing. He was punctual at both ends, arriving bright and early on the move-in portion in order to get in front of a forecasted rain in the area. His team are as friendly and pleasant as he is and they all work very hard and with a good sense of teamwork. I can recommend Patrick and his company with no reservations. You would not be disappointed in his service!

12/30/2014 – Catherine S.
I just had my first “grown-up move” where I didn’t ask friends to to help with the uhaul and we used Patrick Moving Company. I was very nervous, I’ve heard stories about people not showing up, broken items, the price changing once the stuff was on the truck. But I had nothing to worry about the guys (which included one of the Patricks!) were great, they were professional, friendly and very helpful.
I would recommend them (and have already) to anyone.
FYI – we had a move from a co-op to a house in lower Westchester and it was completed in half a day.

12/23/2014 – Suzanne Tillman
We were extremely satisfied. Patrick and his son (also Patrick) are extremely easy to deal with, very
responsive, professional and flexible. The crews were reliable and took care of whatever we needed
with good humor, skill and energy. The only thing to watch out for is at the end of one day things got a little rushed and a couple items weren’t wrapped/packed as carefully as the rest and got broken. Nothing of large value or importance, but it’s something to keep an eye on if you use them. We’ve recommended Patrick Moving to a number of friends and already used them a second time for a smaller move.

12/18/2014 – Laura Rowen
They were phenomenal. They moved us from Rye to New Rochelle and will be helping us move to
Annapolis. Unlike every other mover, there were no surprises. The price they quoted was the price we
paid. They were punctual and did a good job. They were very careful with our belongings and ensured everything was wrapped well. They were very flexible scheduling our move to Annapolis. We highly recommend them to anyone else.

11/18/2014 – sherena doldron
I had to reschedule a number of times and they were very flexible and helped me work out a time to
get my move finished up. I actually called once the day of and said that I was now ready to move and
wanted to know if they had anyone available today. Patrick said no problem and sent a crew out to help. I am now in the new house, so far I haven’t found any damage but I’m not quite finished unpacking. They were great to work with and I would use them again.

11/05/2014 – Vibe Clausen
I checked before buying the deal that it was good for Hudson County, and was told it was. What
they didn’t tell me was that my apartment was 10 miles from them (who knew), and so they would charge
me extra. I found that out when the truck arrived, so not much choice then. So in reality, this deal doesn’t work for Hudson county; add another $200 to the price. Other than that, they were easy to get in touch with, and the guys themselves that did the move were very nice, on time etc.

10/27/2014 – Robert Crocco
Three workers showed up on-time (yes….on a Sunday morning). No “team shirts” or company logos
(the truck had company info taped on the doors), but the truck looked relatively new and clean with
ample moving blankets and shrink-wrap. They started working immediately upon arrival and never stopped. They were respectful, quiet and accomodating, asking questions when necessary, moving and packing the furniture and boxes in a neat and orderly manner. The only suggestion I have is that they need to invest in new wardrobe boxes for transporting clothing (the ones they had were taped heavily and had seen better days!); the same is true for some of the other cartons used to transport miscellaneous household goods on their dolly. Other than that one minor point, there were no complaints. The move was completed ahead of the estimated time with nothing broken, ripped or damaged….they even assembled the bed for us! I would recommend these guys to our Band of Neighbors…nothing fancy, but cost-effective and hard-working.

10/07/2014 – Jeremy Harpe
Services Performed: Yes
Cost: $800

10/01/2014 – Christopher Torres
Category: Moving
Cost: $770

09/30/2014 – Jamaira Sanchez-Morales
Everything went very smoothly considering the heat in July. They came into the old apt and moved
all the boxes first and then moved all the big furniture. They wrapped everything and disassembled the
beds and then reassembled the beds in the new apt. The team was very professional and courteous. I would highly recommend Patrick and his team to anyone looking to move.

09/25/2014 – Lynn Dillon
Very professional. Packed one day moved us the next from a ranch home to third floor apt. Patrick
and his crew were a pleasure to work with, well worth the cost of their service. I would highly recommend
Patrick Moving & Storage to anyone in need of moving service.

09/10/2014 – Claudia Ibarguen
They arrived on time, ready and prepared. The guys on the team were super nice and happy to
help. After some comparative shopping their price cannot be beat. Very happy with the service!

09/04/2014 – Sean Senatore
Category: Moving
Cost: $1000

09/04/2014 – Mark Robinson
Category: Moving

08/28/2014 – wayne schneider
Category: Moving
Cost: $800

08/24/2014 – David Kim
We got a coupon from Angie’s so got a good deal. We couldn’t be more pleased with the results.
The crew that came was excellent. The foreman/head mover was in total control, and very efficient.
Good job wrapping furniture in padding and plastic wrap. In general, a strong efficient job. Definitely an extension of the head mover who was really good.

08/24/2014 – Francis Segarra
For the most part everything went well. I don’t think anything was broken or damaged. They did a
nice job of wrapping and protecting everything. They had about an hour to drive to the new place and,
since they had GPS, made it with no problems. All the guys were very pleasant. They had a nice attitude and demeanor. The only concern I had was that they just made it in the allotted time. If we didn’t help unpack and put the furniture together, we would have gone over and they would have charged me for it. I felt that at many times, the guys were not moving as quickly as they could have. One screw was stripped when they took a bed apart. They wasted a lot of time (20 or 30 minutes for two guys) trying to get this screw out. Finally I said I would take care of it. I grabbed a screw extractor from my toolbox on got it out in a minute. I would definitely use this company again. However, in the future, I don’t think I would do this based on time.

08/22/2014 – Mercedes Freer
They were excellent
Cost: $900

08/18/2014 – Guildren Torres
I had two scratches to my furniture despite the wrapping. Other wise the crew were very nice and pleasant.

08/10/2014 – Daniel Rosen
Great service and price. Showed up on time, packed everything carefully and unloaded without incident

08/06/2014 – Caroline Jung
I no longer need their services, but when I contacted them previously, they responded to all of my questions quickly and courteously.

08/01/2014 – Bing Liao
Very professional. Very courteous. Good price. Finish on time. Flexible. Will use them again if they offer similar coupon rate.

07/23/2014 – janie dodoo
They were great! I ended up not needing their service since I am no longer moving an hour away. They advertised that they had boxes for 15% off but when I called to ask about packing away some art
work, they said they didn’t have any, so I went to Home Depot.

07/22/2014 – David Leffel
Patrick moving did a great job moving me about $20miles. Staff was efficient and hardworking and did a very professional job. I was very please as move was completed efficiently and effectively. If I had
complaints they would be around the start time. I though we had communicated a 7am start time. They called me at 7am to say there were on their way and finally arrived a got started packing at 8am. Coupon on Angies list was excellent value, they did advertise 1 hour travel time included, although actual travel time they billed me was for an additional 30minutes which was correct on there part although it is something to keep in mind. Thanks

07/08/2014 – Robert matricardi
Easy, easy , easy. Everthing was plastic wrapped and blanket covered. He even moved two Harleys for me. no issues.

06/25/2014 – Clarice Elliot
It was a great experience. I called them for an extra day because I had more than I’d originally anticipated. Everything was perfect. He was punctual and very nice. His price was reasonable.

06/16/2014 – Catherine Brostek
Wonderful moving experience! They arrived on time, wrapped everything carefully and quickly. Movers were polite and friendly. Even after moving into a five story walk -up! I would highly recommend
Patrick’s movers.

05/14/2014 – Sally Bonilla
Category: Moving
Cost: $99

05/09/2014 – SUSAN YATES
It went amazingly well. We met with Patrick a week of so before the move and he gave us a price there and then. He is an incredibly pleasant and personable man and was very understanding when we
had to push our move back 24 hours–no problem! On the day of the move, Patrick and his crew arrived early, and they began! His team of workers were phenomenal. Young, strong, helpful, polite, pleasant guys–I couldn’t have asked for better help. I honestly cannot say enough just how wonderful a company this was to work with–every single aspect of the move was seamless and the guys worked flawlessly together as a team. They really took the stress out of the move for us. I would use them again in a heartbeat and highly recommend them.

2/13/2014 – Luke A.
Excellent all around. Very professional and fast, and really nice people too. Extremely satisfied.

01/17/2014 – Pamela tighe
Patrick is a great guy and his service was wonderful. He came over first for a free estimate because i was going to have him pack everything in addition to moving me. I ended up packing a few things (very
few) myself. His estimate for the move came in right on the money, and his estimate for packing $250 lower…he and his workers were on time, worked hard, and very polite. They wrapped or taped everything, and I mean everything….from pictures to boxes of tea. He had all ready moved some people I work with, and another friend will now use him based on my experience. Moving is tough but Patrick can help it be less so!

11/14/2013 – Linda Aminoff
Patrick called to say they were delayed and would be there an hour later. Arrived and completed the job with great speed. took great care in moving the furniture and made sure it was as i wanted it… was a pleasure.

11/08/2013 – John O’Leary
I provided my daughter with three names from Angie’s List to consider for moving from her apartment to a home nearby. She selected Patrick Moving & Storage. When she first interviewed them,
she was impressed by how nice, accommodating and professional they were. This continue d through the entire moving process. They were punctual, worked efficiently and were very careful. She was extremely pleased with the entire effort.

10/15/2013 – Gary Shellman
Category: Moving

09/10/2013 – kethan dixon
Who would say that moving was a joy? Any customer of this company. They were prompt, reasonable, extremely professional and treated my belongings as though they were the Ming Vases.
The owner was a dream and his employees were so kind it didn’t feel like the huge chore moving usually is. I am more than pleased with the experience. Did I mention I called on a Monday and was able to be moves three days later after last minute house closing.

09/05/2013 – Hank Miller
My experience with them was absolutely wonderful! They showed up a few days before with some boxes. They showed up right on time. They worked straight through and they were absolutely marvelous. He was a gentleman.

08/05/2013 – Martha Reppetto
Another moving company had told me they could not accommodate me on my date requested and
led me to believe nobody would be available on two weeks notice. I started to panic. (Hadn’t even
closed on the property so I had to hope I would really be ready in two weeks time – and they didn’t even make me put down a deposit or anything). These guys totally came through.. And the elevator in the building I was leaving was small, necessitating more trips. They blew through it by 11:30….and that was after wrapping just about everything (sofas beds, mattresses, bookcases.) They went straight to the new place which was a quarter of a mile away and unloaded everything in about three hours even after I asked if they planned to take a lunch break. Nope, just blew straight through. All in all the whole thing took about 6 hours…..all for the unbelievably low price of $800. (The only other moving company I called that had my available date quoted me double that price). I never would have found these guys without Angie’s list, so I can honestly say that my $20 investment in the service saved me about $800.

08/03/2013 – Ronald Elam
They came around the time they were supposed to and got to work right away. They wrapped the
furniture and paced all the loose items that were still out and never complained about everything not
being boxed and ready to move. They had to put more tape on many of the boxes, but did that and never complained about it

06/05/2013 – Molly Anderson
Everything went smoothly. Nothing was damaged. They men were professional and non-stop both
days. They showed up on time both days and had all of the proper equipment available for the move.
They went above and beyond for the move. They offered to wrap a few boxes toward the end that we ran out of lids for. They even found a $20 bill under my computer desk. They also helped us make a few decisions about where to place furniture in the new place which turned out great. I would definitely recommend them to anyone moving.

05/03/2013 – taylor james pierce
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04/02/2013 – fouad matragi
This guy is energetic, cheerful, punctual and fast. He makes his job to seem easy and flawless. He is
nice to be around. His estimate beat 3 other estimates on Angie?s list. He is was willing to move many
extra items for little extra money, in short this guy wants to please his customers. Not only I recommend him but he is the only mover I will use. You will be glad to hire him.

01/25/2013 – Theresa Fischetti
There very good. They wrapped everything in plastic, then wrapped all for that in padded blankets.
They just did a very good job.

12/30/2012 – David Raymond
The day before the move, his crew showed up and wrapped all of the fragile items and reviewed
the inventory. They were absolutely courteous and thorough. On the day of the move, the same; total
professionalism. Our possessions pretty much filled their 26 footer as Patrick had anticipated. They locked it up and headed south. We arrived there two days later and Patrick and one of his colleagues were already unloading the truck. What a wonderful sight to see that you things are being moved into your house when you arrive from a big transition as opposed to waiting for a window from the movers to come to you. We had some VERY minor damage to a few items that Patrick pointed out to me, but given the size of the move and the haul, it was nothing. These guys are the best and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Spend the extra bit and know that you are in good hands.

06/24/2012 – Linda Boney
I want to highly recommend Patrick’s Moving Company located here in the Bronx, and he is
AMAZING. Patrick’s staff gave me a free estimate from the breakdown of the items on Friday, I received
a flat rate that was totally in my budget. He came on time, and he and his crew moved with lightening speed and wrapped my bedroom set and sofa. We moved from my home to storage with ease. Patrick is very friendly and has a excellent work ethic, and a family man. Patrick has a super HUGE truck, so he can do national moves. And he and my friend have a long-time mutual friend, so it’s a small world!!! Patrick is like family now! Patrick and his moving staff did and excellent job, 100% better than the movers for the furniture company for my bedroom set, and they are well known! Patrick is licensed and insured. Another Angie’s List reviewer did not include this in their review. DOT: 1700192, MC#624099. Please tell him Linda Boney sent you! Blessings,Linda Boney

09/13/2011 – Gail Brunje
I was scheduled to move on Sunday, August 28, 2011, the day of hurricane Irene; the date had been
booked approximately two weeks prior. I couldn’t change the date to Saturday, as I had booked a
Verizon appointment a month before for 11 am, which I could not cancel, especially given the strike at the time. In trying to figure out a way to avoid the storm, I contacted Patrick to see if there was a way, He had been thinking the same thing, so we moved the time to early Saturday morning, 6 am. Patrick arrived on time with a 6-man crew and we were able to get everything out of the apartment and into the house by about 10 am before the Verizon appointment and before the storm hit. They did a great job and found a way to accomodate a change at the last minute under difficult circumstances. Patrick was very pleasant to speak with and I would recommend him to anyone looking to hire a mover.

5/30/2011 – Rick R.
Excellent job at a reasonable price. Showed up on time, wrapped and moved all my items without any damage, and got the job done quickly with no hidden or added costs. I highly recommend Patrick Movers.

09/24/2010 – Julie Serenson
I was so impressed with Mr. Patrick and his men. They were very professional and friendly. I had a
very difficult piece (a china cabinet which was one piece – 7 ft. tall) to get through small openings and
down the stairs, which I really thought it would be impossible. They made it possible and without as much as a scratch or dent anywhere. They worked really hard and deserve my praise. I would recommend them to anyone who is moving. They are what I call a worry free mover. Thank you gentlemen.

05/06/2010 – Marlana Cook
We used Patrick Moving and Delivery 4 times in the course of 5 months to move us around. The
price listed is the estimated total for all moves. The crew is first rate, professional and fast. They know
what they are doing and understand how best to pack and handle your furniture. We would use them again for any move and highly recommend their services.

02/06/2007 – RUTH GOLDBERG
Although Patrick arrived on the appointed day a little late, the entire job was completed within three
hours. He quoted a fair price and the job was well done.

They Did A Wonderful Job With Everything. They Were Careful Not To Break Any
Items. The Price Was Excellent And The Movers Were Very Professional And Made
Sure The Items Were Placed In The Rooms I Wanted Them In.